Dean j Hopkins the Art of LifeWelcome to The Art of Life when you don’t fit in !

If you ever feel like you are diagonally parked in a parallel universe and everything in the world is back to front and you’re the only one with a mirror then join the minority….

Because that’s what this blog is about!

It’s about living in this world when you don’t follow the crowd, you don’t conform to the status quo because you see the truth about mainstream society and the illusions it perpetuates.

Hi I’m Dean J Hopkins and I have always felt like a bit of an outsider, even from a young age. I have always felt life was a bit of a struggle even if outwardly it didn’t seem so.

I have spent years doing Self Help personal development and searching for the keys to life but so much of that is so mainstream. It’s like a big Mac for the soul…..it’s just Spiritual Junk Food !

So this blog is about sharing what I have found, ‘the good and the bad‘ as well as perspectives on what it’s like to live in this matrix but awake and as an outsider to the mainstream mindset. Plus a few esoteric ideas and strategies on how we can get through life a little bit easier and even make a difference!

So if you feel a bit like this world was not meant for you stick around because you might find you are not as alone as you thought you were!!!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you will find here….

  • THE ART of  Taking the Red Pill– Being awake to the Matrix system and being called a ‘conspiracy theorist”
  • THE ART of  Personal DevelopmentAll things personal development of course but on some really crazy deep levels 
  • THE ART of  Being SpiritualTeachings and experiences about spirituality today and some cool stuff from the East…..and other woo woo kind of stuff!
  • THE ART of  AlchemyNo wizardry or satanic worshipping, just some clever esoteric things to use in every day life…
  • THE ART of  Being CreativeEverything about being creative and how to develop your creativity even if you think you don’t have any!
  • THE ART of  Being a bit of a Weirdo – Things that make people go uh?…..like why did I leave the W in black…..
  • THE ART of  ??Other stuff I haven’t thought of yet….

I hope you find something you like, feel free to comment……enjoy your visit.

With Love