The Art of Being a Creative Entrepreneur to cause positive change

There is a real need and opportunity for more Creativity and Alternative thinking in business to cause positive change

As we move forward in this digital age I do believe an opportunity has arisen to do just that.

I know I’m not alone in this thinking and though it may be more of an Underground Movement as many ideas are not mainstream, I want to encourage other Creatives and Alternative Thinkers to get their ideas out there in entrepreneurial ways.

The world needs people like us to empower our Creativity and Ideas with purpose but why shouldn’t we be able to make a living from it too?

Because the truth is our world is in a mess and despite the rhetoric of world Leaders and Politicians who seem to have no idea what to do about it.

The Problems we face…

  • Our economic landscape is a complete debacle.
  • Business has been dominated by left brain logical type thinking and has tried to dictate to Art.
  • Materialistic consumerism is rampantly destroying the fabric of our societies.
  • Alternative social economic ideas are too quickly labelled as Anarchistic or Socialistic.
  • Globalists are causing irreparable damage to our environment.
  • We have wars on drugs on terror on poverty and yet none of these things have improved.
  • The list can go on and on….

We can point the finger at a plethora of conspiracy theories and I often do but beyond that, it really takes action to change things. I don’t profess to have all the answers and solutions by any stretch and my work alone will not have much impact.

But I know if I can inspire others to contribute their part too ripples can turn into waves of change.

Why Creative Art

My weapon of choice is Creativity and Art… is what has been with me since ever I can remember and it is the best use of my energy on this planet and so it is through that I communicate my message.

However, Creativity and Art have largely been dictated to by money in the last 40 years and this restricts what we can accomplish, especially in the business world.

There does though, seem to be a shift with the advent of the internet and now the Entrepreneurial movement and so I see an opportunity.

Artists do not have to ‘Starve for their Art‘ and the Creative can indeed take a more leading role in Society as traditional models of business and business attitudes are becoming outdated, unsustainable and even undesirable.

Raising Consciousness through Creativity and Entrepreneurship

There are many, including myself, who believe in consciousness having a large part to play in the evolvement of humanity and that by raising consciousness humanity can evolve from where we are now into a more productive and higher evolved society.

Scale of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins

If you take the scale of consciousness created by Dr. David R Hawkins then humanity is sitting just around the 200 mark on courage as reported by Hawkins own research. But we frequently oscillate below that mark into more negative states of consciousness which is evidenced by so much disharmony and conflict in our world.

But we frequently oscillate below that mark into more negative states of consciousness which is evidenced by so much disharmony and conflict in our world.

We need to raise consciousness and stay there to evolve.

Art is a reflection of Society and so will often point at the negative aspects of society because in order to change we must shine the light on the dark.

Just as on an individual level we cannot improve our self without first knowing our flaws it corresponds directly on a collective scale to humanity.

The business world has a lot to answer for in our current state of affairs and as the world has been run by money the Entrepreneurial Movement is well positioned to have an impact on this.

When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change

But currently, we lack the courage collectively to look at ourselves and our flaws to start making the changes required. There are many factors to this but the effect is Society has become selfish and greedy.

If you refer to the scale of consciousness then we can see the need to collectively have the courage to look at ourselves with a greater measure of self-honesty and obectivity.

  • This will take us through neutrality as we digest our flaws.
  • Self-honesty will lead to more empathy for others, more patience and acceptance of our differences and a willingness to make changes.
  • With that comes a more evolved reasoning, followed by love, Joy, Peace and a more enlightened state of consciousness for humanity.

It may seem like an impossible task and something that will take eons to achieve but our own history shows that our evolution biologically and on a consciousness level often occurs in leaps.

The Creative Entrepreneur can be a fundamental player in this evolution in changing the way economies work and business is done.

Maybe it’s too Idealistic

I know many will say this is too idealistic and many have called me that too. but I certainly would not be the first Idealist to try and effect change and I know I am not alone in this mission.

My hope is that these words and my work can at least strike a chord and resonate with some of you and encourage you to join me and contribute your creativity too.

After all…. what is the point of being a Creative on this Earth?

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