It’s a Back to Front World……but can we turn it around?

Do you ever feel like everything in the world is somehow back to front and you are the only one who can see it ?

That you have somehow been caught in an Orwellian time warp and you know the way out but it’s blocked by some Absurd Bullshit !!

Okay good so I know I’m not the only one and there are others out there who seem to be able to remove the veil of illusion that appears to have been pulled over the eyes of Humanity.

What’s going on ?

It beggars belief when you see seemingly intelligent and successful people completely blind and oblivious to what humanity is doing to itself and the planet and how they are actually perpetuating it.

I mean I often just wish some Politician or World Leader would get up there and actually talk about the stuff that really matters rather than all the crap that causes so much division, conflict and suffering.

And why do we even bother voting for them when we know what they are going to do anyway?

Well actually I don’t vote for them anymore because it always ends in the same really.

It should be no surprise that Politicians:

Preach about peace yet we have more wars.

Preach about wanting to eradicate poverty yet it increases every year.

Say they want to eliminate hunger yet the numbers keep growing.

Declare war on Terror yet it keeps getting worse.

Declare war on Drugs but the situation is out of control.

They say they will create wealth equality yet the gap between Rich and Poor widens

And the list just goes on……

For all the years I have watched this charade of politics I can only deduce that what they say and what they do are not the same thing.

The irony is though when you ask people what they think of Politicians they are very quick to call them liars, cheats and corrupt and then compliantly vote for them at the balot box !

Back to front or what?


And here is some other back to front world stuff!

We have many countries in utter turmoil with financial desperation on the streets yet Football players getting paid insane amounts of money to kick a ball around…….and I even like football but can’t help but shake my head at the complete imbalance of it!

We have people getting famous for the most bizarre things and then making lots of money from advertising when people doing honest decent work like nurses get paid a pittance.

We have corporations that profit from other people’s loss (Banks and Debt collectors)

We live on a planet that only has finite resources yet we act as if we have another back up option.

We tell our children to be responsible and to think for themselves yet we create more laws and regulations that removes their ability to think and take responsibility for themselves.

We have people prepared to kill each other over differences in religion when they in fact worship the same God.

We all are human and made the same way yet we act like we are different from each other.

And it seems almost nobody can agree on where we actually come from, what we are doing here and where we are going.

So what’s the answer ?

I certainly don’t profess to have all the answers but I do believe there must be some and that mankind has the potential to discover them. In fact there are intelligent people around who are already suggesting better ways but are not getting heard or taken seriously by mainstream Society.

I believe the answers are actually within us and that they can also be seen in Nature and the Nature of Life.

But it’s like we need some kind of reset to happen!

The only trouble with that is it usually takes an almighty crisis to cause one. Again this can be seen in nature as she regularly resets things with natural cataclysms.

Is this what we are going to need ?

And what shape of form would that crisis take? War…..Natural disaster, Alien invasion, Artificial Intelligence taking over? Maybe I have been watching too many movies but it doesn’t look like we are headed for a nice comfortable switch in consciousness does it?

A change in consciousness is in fact what I believe is required.

A Revolution or even Evolution of the Mind to be able to transcend the lower thinking modes we have been caught in for so long. It can happen. It has happened in our history!

Maybe it needs to happen again!!

Namaste, Love and Peace!



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