Hi, my name is Dean J Hopkins

Dean HopkinsI can tell a little bit about myself, hopefully without boring you and just enough to give you an idea about who I am and what I have done in Life. ( So far)

I’m Generation X, an Interior Designer, Artist, Writer, Musician and Self Help Junkie!

I don’t profess to be any kind of Self Help Guru.

My only points of difference in writing about this stuff is I am a Creative/Artist and I have a lot of experience with cultures and philosophy in SE Asia especially Thailand. I am married to a Buddhist Thai woman and so having spent many years studying and practicing Western personal Development the last 10 I have been able to study Eastern practices close up and personal……and what I have discovered has completely changed my perspective !!

And that is why I am sharing what I have learned from a creative types perspective…


I’m not about to give you this idealized picture of my life. I’m not going to sell you on the idea that I’m some kind of raving success once I found the secret key to life. Because that’s not how life really is despite the millions of books and stories out there that suggest there is a secret to live happily ever after!

Truth is at the age of 50 I’m still learning…..and doing this personal development stuff is hard work!!

I have had a life long passion to search for truth and continually try to improve myself and my understanding of this experience we call Life. And in my experience there are many keys to life out there, there are many techniques, practices, and bodies of knowledge not just one!

Hence the reason for this website….and the various subjects I cover.

My Vision and Purpose

I think there is more to this reality than we think and that human beings are capable of much more than we are currently displaying. If we awaken to our collective truth and spirituality we can evolve beyond this point and become a more conscious, progressive and empathetic species and contribute more to this planet and the larger cosmos.

I have always felt that my Purpose is to contribute to that Vision in a meaningful and creative way and inspire others to do the same in their own way.

The Creative Path

There are many ways we can contribute individually but my way is the Spiritual Creative path….. sharing and communicating knowledge, experience and wisdom through Creative Expression.

I know it might sound a bit wanky ….but there it is that’s how it is for me…….again it’s not woo woo, or blissful it’s actually bloody hard work and often uncomfortable.

I have not always been so clear though and I did things that were in conflict with my creative and spiritual truth as I kept searching outside of myself for answers….I was fragmented and disconnected.

I now take a Holistic approach to my creativity and spirituality

This path is also not easy in such a Commercial world as many of you will also have realized and so being a creative and a bit of a weirdo compared to mainstreamers I now reach out to others like me!!

So what’s my Story, what have I done?

I’ll tell you what….

I’ll just give you a quick snapshot of my life so that I don’t risk losing you through utter boredom.


  • Grew up in the south of England and was an Art Student who spent many years hanging around London in the 80’s.
  • I also got to travel quite a lot around Europe in my youth too.
  • A self taught musician and songwriter who played in quite a few bands with some minor success around the SE of England with a manger, publisher, radio and newspaper coverage.
  • Worked in the Art & Graphics dept of a Museum and also a Home and Office Design company where I cut my teeth with Interior Design and Sales.
  • Left England in 1990 for a years working holiday in Australia never to return….well for 5 years that is!
  • Worked a few jobs in Australia and then went into the Design field again as a Commercial Interior Design Consultant.
  • 3 years later set up my own Commercial Interior Design and Fit out company on a shoe string budget in West Australia.
  • Became a Father…twice…but not at the same time!!
  • Ran my Design business for 16 years through good times and bad and also set up a few other side businesses along the way.
  • Continued writing and producing music and got a couple of things published as well as playing in a local band.
  • Crashed and burned in 2008 in the GFC and an 18 year marriage break up.
  • Took time out and traveled SE Asia looking to heal myself after my Dark Night of the Soul period and deepen my understanding of Eastern Philosophy.
  • Remarried a Thai woman in 2010 and began a new spiritual direction on life frequently living between Australia and Thailand and other parts of SE Asia.

 In all those years I have always been fascinated with things like Meditation, Psychology, Philosophy and Personal development and have traveled far and wide to get as much personal and practical experience and knowledge as I can.

So that brings me to today?

Today I still operate as a Creative Consultant, I travel and am frequently asked for my advice about things like meditation, personality profiling, Eastern philosophies and a few other subjects that I cover here. I am conscious to only share knowledge that I have direct experience in and I try (I say try because I’m far from perfect!!) to always practice what I preach.

I have built this site and others to transition my work and knowledge into the online space so that I can create more time and freedom to dedicate my energy to sharing quality information and knowledge to help others awaken.

I cannot promise you this site will fix all your problems but it can point you in some interesting directions that will hopefully help you…….

With Love, Inspiration and Creativity….





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