The Astronomer 2012 – As Above So Below

DJ hopkinsSlightly ahead of current day 2012 and ostracized maverick scientist Solomon Blake finds himself in downtown Bangkok, disillusioned with a seemingly heartless world obsessed with material greed, war and the selfish mass manipulation of a new world order. Emotionally drained from a broken marriage and on the brink of financial ruin he is surrounded by the growing fear and confusion caused by increasingly violent global climate change, strange phenomena and the global meltdown of our current civilization as it approaches an increasingly likely 2012 apocalypse.

Numbed into inertia and hitting rock bottom Blake is mysteriously inspired by the profound words of a Buddhist monk and the meeting of a beautiful and intuitive Thai woman to embark on a journey of personal enlightenment that triggers his passion to follow a life purpose that could help realize the most important discovery in mankind’s evolution and a global awakening that could provide a glimmer of hope for the future of life on earth.

Based on compelling research with some of today’s most controversial 2012 theories and interwoven with shocking real world events that have either happened, are happening or are predicted to happen this is part one of a Metaphysical Adventure Trilogy about the ending of our current world age in 2012 and the birth of a new one that is calling for mankind to awaken it’s connection with the natural cycles and rhythms of their true origins in Nature and the Cosmos.

Is it fact or fiction?…..Prepare to be awakened!

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Romance in Cyberspace

A real account of how Dean and Angella Hopkins met online.

Romance in Cyberspace by Dean HopkinsWe believe that a lot of the things that happened in our lives have such synchronicity and meaning that along with the wonderful power of love it has a strong and current message for the world right now because so many people are looking for love and now looking for love online. People need hope and inspiration to believe it really can happen and that there really is someone out there for them.

So with this book we hope you will enjoy not only the drama of our story but the hope and belief that there really is more to this life and that if you truly believe and follow your heart you can find love.”

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By DJ Hopkins and Sompassorn Bhuvawatcharapisut

Revolution of the Mind

Revolution of the Mind” is a short book by DJ Hopkins highlighting the current psychological authoritarian tyranny that has gripped the world like a parasite and what we need to do to remove it.

Revolution of the Mind by DJ HopkinsA Revolution of the mind is not what the Ruling Classes, Globalist Elite and Technocratic Oligarchs want you to see or hear as it appeals to new levels of awareness that they do not understand and are vehemently trying to suppress.

This is a Revolution for the masses that does not promote bloody street battles and fear based protests but an expansion of consciousness using the power of the mind.

“Revolution of the Mind” is informed, awake, strong and determined but also loving and peaceful.

We are now in the Age of Truth Consciousness……and this is our Future. It’s time to wake up and create it!

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What Conspiracy

What conspiracy by DJ HopkinsWhat conspiracy is a short tongue in cheek expose on the propaganda and deceptive belief systems that have infiltrated mankind’s collective conscious and perpetuated it’s own manipulation.

Caution: Nothing is sacred and some people may be offended by the material in this book.

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Author DJ Hopkins