The Consumer by Dean J Hopkins

The Consumer – So you think you choose what you buy ?

The Consumer is a piece of Satirical Reality Art

The consumer is a ‘tongue in cheek‘ work that depicts how through consumerism our lives have been hijacked into being little more than a shop window.

Our life is on display for all to see as we identify with our purchases in the form of brand names, the latest designs and perceived need for updated Tech functions.

I’m going to give a brief explanation to the psychology at work here and some background to my creating this piece in the shopping mall ( yes that’s me in the shop window), as well as a video follow up and some possible remedies at the end.

The Consumer by DJHopkins

Here is a short video of the piece called So You think you choose what you buy taken from this piece of Art

But it does get serious too..… what’s actually going on here?

This obsession with buying and wanting more is actively encouraged by our Globalist led Governments in the name of economic growth and jobs.

Many people are actually unconscious about the way they consume and how it affects their outward behavior. This is illustrated by our obsession with Brand names at the expense of quality and longevity.

People are not consciously aware of the subliminal suggestion being used in the many forms of advertising. Not just on TV but on bus stops, vehicles, sporting venues, everywhere in fact.

An eye opening read is ‘Eldon Taylor’s book – Mind programming‘ that describes in some chilling detail just how some of these subliminal messages work with everyday products.

This subliminal messaging technique is also highlighted by “They Live” a 1988 American satirical science fiction horror film written and directed by John Carpenter and if you have not seen it I recommend you take a look. just click the picture to hyperlink over to it….

“They live” is a 1988 Satirical Horror movie written by John Carpenter and illustrates brilliantly how subliminal messaging get’s into the subconscious mind to influence people. Awareness is depicted by the removing of a pair of glasses.

A trance like state makes people oblivious to the obvious….

Dean Hopkins - the Consumer
One of the original photo’s of Dean posing in the shop window

What was interesting, but not really surprising is hardly anyone noticed me as I posed for this in the shop window. This is because people are generally in a trance like state when walking around a shopping mall…..(or maybe I am  just that unnoticeable?)

People’s awareness is on consumption and is being massaged by mind numbing music designed to hypnotize the mind into a trance state in readiness for the repetitive barrage of advertising and marketing messages.

These messages seduce attention and subtly plant buying suggestions into the sub conscious mind and thus influence consumers buying behavior.

And we thought a day out at the shopping mall was harmless!!!

So what is the answer?

I was pleasantly prompted to provide this by a reader of mine who left some great comments on a post which I think really hit the mark.

She wrote:

When I was younger I was all about having the brand names and the newest this or that and as I got a bit older I realized I didn’t even like half that shit. I’ve really cut back on my spending and I’ve learned to ask myself “Will you use this? Is it a good price? Can you find a better deal elsewhere?” and really think about my purchases.

The take away here is “Awareness is everything“. Self checking your reasons for wanting to buy something is vital. As the comment above say’s do you need it, is it worth the price, will you use it and why do you want it?

Can you be self aware enough to identify when your buying behavior is being influenced?

This can be difficult especially with children because they are not always capable of understanding what’s at work here. They are easily subjected not only to the advertising pressure but also peer pressure of wanting to be part of the group!

It’s important we address these issues early on too. Identifying with ‘brand products‘ does nothing for self esteem or worth but everything for the pocket of the sellers. These implanted buying belief’s can be hard to dislodge later too and will be defended with all kinds of excuses.

One of my favorite quotes is from Lao Tsu the ancient Chinese Philosopher because it applies in just about everything in life. I think herein is the key because the more you can honestly look at yourself and be the master of your own mind the less you will be influenced by others and importantly here….by advertising and marketing!


With love and inspiration and oh yes…..Happy Shopping!!!

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