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Is meditation in a Thailand Temple better ?

I never miss a chance to meditate in a new place because I like to absorb the energy. So meditating in a small Temple in Thailand has to be an experience worth trying….

I have a passion for meditating in different places especially spiritual ones. I like to see if the experience is any different, if I can feel a different energy and honestly I can say I do. Maybe not every time but I certainly have found practicing meditation in places like Thailand and Bali has a unique flavor.

I have visited Thailand many times and regularly stay in Bangkok. On this occasion my wife and I went to see a Burmese Astrologist at a Temple. While my wife was having her reading I took some time to have a look around. I found the Temple was completely empty so I decided to take the opportunity to practice some meditation there.

It’s not the first Temple I have practiced meditation in a Temple but it is the first time I have been able to be completely alone. Maybe it was because it was unplanned I don’t know but I can say it was a wonderful experience, and one of those I didn’t wan’t to leave.

I explain a bit more about my experience of practicing meditation in a Temple in this video I made there.


How I started Meditation:

I have been practicing meditation now for 15 years and in recent years had the privilege to practice in places like Thailand and Bali. But I started with humble beginnings with no idea where to start and not having the money for expensive workshops in Australia. So I did some research and came across the Holosync audios and training which is where I started to learn about meditation and the mind and using audio to assist me. These days I don’t need audio but I do sometimes still use it because it is very good.

I can honestly say the Holosync meditation audio is one of the original and still best audio systems to get into meditation fast for the beginner. You can find out more here:

With Love…….

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